Structurally Accurate Yoga © Developed by Margaret Dane Ccht, IYN Yoga Elder

Ray Fearon and Margaret Dane, CCht
Yoga is an ancient art, a physical and philosophical system that has roots in antiquity. It is the original answer to maintaining youth, health, and spiritual well-being, devised specifically to achieve these goals. Dating back more than 5,000 years, it is absolutely contemporary in its application in modern life.  Far from being a mysterious system available only to the extremely flexible and fit with religious undertones, Yoga is a viable maintenance program for physical health and internal well-being.  It is as poignant today, with stresses and strains of urban, as it was when conceived in ancient times. It maintains youth, promotes health and personal equilibrium that emanates from the inside and throughout the physical system.   The benefits are  fantastically far reaching and continuous as long as it is practiced.  Practicing just a little, or adapting it as a lifestyle, Yoga's benefits with become apparent in a short time.Yoga is for everyone, regardless of where, when or how you start.
SAY Yoga is a system of Structurally Accurate Yoga predicating on the principle that all yoga is refined down to a few fundamental, basic elements.  Easily understood and  universally applicable,  SAY Yoga has infinite possibilities for expansion and improvement, regardless of the level of expertise.  It is an ongoing, progressive, and transformational approach to Yoga.

Margaret Dane, CCht, Yoga Elder, IYN, REPS Level 3, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and proficient in teaching relaxation and meditation techniques.  She is Level 3 Advanced Instructor with the Registry of Exercise Professionals. She has taught all over the world, with a wide variety of people, ranging from total novices, children, mature students, office workers, post and pre-natal women, professional and Olympic athletes. Margaret has been teaching and studying yoga with the best internationally known mentors for over 30 years.  Her practice and teachers' training comes mainly from the Iyengar method,  and has trained with many other styles and disciplines. She has taught many different populations, teaching large groups in Universities and schools, fitness  center classes, hospitals, businesses, private clinics, and clients. 

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Great gratitude to my students who have always inspired me to learn all I can to improve my standard of practice and teaching.
My deepest gratitude to B.K.S. Iyengar who has been my greatest influence over the years, and for all the teachers with whom I have trained..

Ramanand Patel
Manouso Manos
John Schumacher
Angela Farmer
Victor Van Kooten
Maxine Tobias
Bobbi Golden
S. Spencer
Elizabeth Russell
Lilias Folen

and many others who have guided me in my education and given of themselves.



As a result of the practice of yoga, the body will respond by improving itself.  It is systemiprocess sof increasing strength, flexibility, core stability, improving structural anomalies, developing kinestetic intelligence, and accessing your inner sense of well-being. Benefits are immediate, and accumulative.  The  results will last for a lifetime if practiced, whenever you start. It is simple, profound and always new.

Young or not-so-young, fit or in need of improvement, an advanced practitioner or a complete novice, yoga has benefits for you. The scope of yoga is far reaching and is an ongoing process of development.  You can gain benefit after one session, or learn something new after many, many years of study. 

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